◆用途和特点:USES and features
       本系列机床除具备普通单柱电动液压机的定压、定时、定程各种性能外,对压力及行程较高精 度的预设和显示是其主要特征,液压系统采用比例控制,电控系统采用 PLC,通过传感器能精确地 显示出工作受压及位移量,另配有断电记忆功能的工作计数器,适用于对压力精度、行程精度要求 高的压制成型工艺。 另本公司可根据用户要求,实现压力、位移、速度等主要参数的高精度控制、显示、记忆等, 并配置触摸屏、工控机、打印机,亦可采取防爆措施,用于军工行业。

       HIGH PRECISION HYDRAULIC PRESSES This machine is suitable for hight precision pressure forming of parts form plastic material and metal powder and axle sleeve parts.The main machine is of ctype construction,closed;the hydraulic system be controlled by proportional control valove,the electrical system be controlled by PLC.It can display hight precision pressure and displacement with sensor. Various modes of control are used on the machine,such as,inching motion and semiautomatic cycling of single action.Pressurize quickly down to slowly down and adjust speed are its characteristic.It prossesses the features of easiness,smoothness,reliability,long life, without prollution,low NO.ise,explosionproof and safety in operation.

◆主要技术规格:The main technical specifications



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